The Challenge

“We were launching a new, low calorie beverage to boost sales by targeting a different customer.  With so much competition in the market, we wanted help identifying true differentiation as well as methods to attract and communicate with the customer that would deliver meaningful results.  That’s why we connected with Insights Work.”

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Our Approach

We analyzed their own consumer groups as well as their main 3 competitors who were offering a similar, low calorie alcoholic beverage. 

From the analysis, we uncovered some key insights regarding the impact of influencers and how to truly identify them.

From breakthrough insights into action.

Based on this key insight as well as other important findings, we were able to guide the team regarding their go-to-market plans focused around the ideal new customer group.

From action to real results. Fast.


“The launch was a huge success, delivering nearly double what we had initially set out to do and now we are taking the same approach with every new product launch.” – Tara P, Marketing Account Executive

Insights Work helped them increase sales by 11% in 9 months.

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After implementing Insights Work’s strategy, they reported that the % of new customer sales impacted by influencers rose from 3% to 12%

Before Insights Work
After Insight Work

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