The Challenge

“Users weren’t engaged and sales were slowing.  We tried all sorts of things: incentives, discounts, rewards.  We invested in advertising to try to educate users.  We even tried hiring more sales reps.  Nothing was really moving the needle.”

A B2B software firm had been experiencing a consistent slowdown of user engagement and sales over the past year for one of their main software modules.

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Our Approach

We analyzed and profiled their primary users to identify key differences and commonalities vs others and uncovered some insights that could be leveraged to drive engagement among current and attract new.

From breakthrough insights into action.

Based on these insights we helped their team identify where to focus their efforts – identifying gaps in messaging and functionality that were critical for growth.

From action to real results. Fast.

“Insights Work helped us boost user engagement and increase top line revenue by 18% in year 1.” – Stephen T, VP Marketing


By helping them identify key areas where they needed to innovate and optimize their system, as well as how to better communicate it to their current and new customer base, we helped them increase sales and engagement significantly.

Insights Work helped them increase top line revenue by 18% in year 1.

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Insights Work helped increased online user engagement from 12 minutes per average session duration to 19 minutes average session duration

Before Insights Work
After Insights Work

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