The Challenge

“Our client, a large apparel retailer, was trying to further differentiate themselves from increasing competition and wanted to find ways to drive more Gen-Z traffic to their brick and mortar retail locations. We tried a range of strategies and spent a chunk of money but hadn’t cracked the solution. So we brought in Insights Work to help rethink the problem.”

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The IW Approach

We profiled and analyzed their current customers and their competitors’ customers. Looking past demographics and other variables that tended to be more common among Gen-Zers.  We found some variables that actually defined a specific subset of heavy users.

From breakthrough insights into action.

Based on the insights we discovered, we worked with the Agency to come up with a strategic and innovative in-store marketing campaign.

The campaign included new store digital signage which which encouraged the targeted group of Gen-Z consumers to easily share their in-store shopping experience on their socials with a small incentive for a discount off their store purchase.

From action to real results. Fast.

The new campaign attracted the target consumer and, since this specific group was more likely to be engaged with the brand and be an ambassador of the brand, the impact of tailoring plans to them had far reaching implications for store traffic and overall sales.


“We have a very satisfied customer who has separated themselves as the #1 player in their space because of this program.” – Laine B, Director of Digital Marketing

Insights Work helped increase overall sales by 7% in less than 6 months.

Before Insights Work
After Insights Work +7%

The apparel retailer reported an overall boost of 3% in traffic after the agency implemented the strategies from Insights Work.

Before Insights Work
After Insight Work +3%

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