The Challenge

“We’re always trying to give our clients a better ROI on their media budget.  We have one client that was seeing a big decline in their media effectiveness and wanted to really dig in and find ways to turn that around.  Given the urgency and difficulty of the challenge, we brought in Insights Work to take a different approach to tackling the problem.”

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The IW Approach

We dove into analyzing the different consumers beyond simply considering their demographics.  We were able to identify 2 groups of consumers that, on the surface, looked the same, but were actually having significant, opposite impacts on the media budget and purchasing.

From breakthrough insights into action.

Based on the insights we discovered, we worked with the media buying team to adjust the budget budget to address the more of the effective group and less of the ineffective group.

From action to real results. Fast.


“Insights Work uncovered the nugget we couldn’t have seen and put us in position to wow our customer. We turned around the effectiveness of their buy and even reduced the costs while also delivering a bigger business impact.” – Hasan R, Marketing Director

Insights Work helped the media buying company increase their return on investment on their media buys by 14% in less than a year.

Before Insights Work – 0% ROI
After Insights Work + 14%

After working with Insights Work the media company was able to save 5% of their annual media spend.

Before Insights Work- Budget Spend
After Insights Work – Budget Spend

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