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Grow or steal market share… the one fundamental marketing question that has stood the test of time. Which one is easier to do? Which has a better ROI? The choice is usually not straightforward and depending on the life stage of your industry, even more questions and potential strategies will emerge.

This can be a challenging decision for any marketer or business leader but imagine you had a clear road map of your competitors’ customers motivations and preferences… use data and behavioural science to build the right strategies to win them over.

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Identifying and anticipating customer needs is critical to winning brand loyalty in order to increase revenue. Whether looking at heavy, light or competitive customers IW can empower you with the predictive insights and strategies for how to win with them.

Start using predictive science and deep data to not only understand what your customers want, but also to predict how their buying patterns and preferences will evolve in the future – giving your business a critical competitive edge.

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Customer segmentation historically has been predominantly driven by either demographic information or claimed customer/consumer activity. We have all seen reports talking about what customers will do if A or B or C but we all know that what customers say and what they actually do are two very different things.

We know the future of segmentation is about predictive behavioural science. Taking a holistic view of who someone is, along with predictive objective insights will help identify customers’ uniqyue triggers and pain points, delivering actionable segmentation year after year.

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In marketing, content is still king but what and how you say it is becoming more and more important. A brand’s actions, communications, online activity and brand experiences are scrutinized from every angle more than ever before.

Truly knowing your customer’s needs, motivations and preferences, supported by authentic short and long term strategies will give you the credibility to deliver the right marketing activity, through the best channels, at the right time.

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Our ever changing digital and real-world landscapes make it extremely difficult to build strategies and tactics that deliver positive ROI. Whether gaining new customers or retaining existing ones the best way to beat an ever-changing world is to obtain deep and predictive customer understanding.

Holistic and objective insights about consumers and your target markets will allow you to build the right acquisition strategies regardless of the ever changing landscape.

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Breakthrough Insights To Optimize Your Marketing $

  • Identify the ideal marketing and communications channel(s) to reach your most desired customers

  • Nail the message for each customer and channel

  • Digital/Ad/Media optimization

  • Product/Marketing/Brand Innovation


With limited budget dollars its vital to get clear and reliable guidance in delivering the best plan with the highest ROI.

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Marketing Strategy Alignment

  • Product Benefits & Mix

  • Innovation

  • Communications

  • Creative

  • Media

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Sales Execution

Ensure you have the right strategies and cross functional alignment to deliver optimal results.

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Our data driven insights will significantly increase conversions and customer acquisitions.

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