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Data & Security

InsightsWork applies strict enterprise-grade data and security measures, ensuring that your information is reliably secure across our system.


InsightsWork's virtual, cloud-based platform is hosted in a secure, SOC2 Type II certified data centre. However, clients have the option to host their data in the location of their choosing, including Europe and the USA. All data centers hosting InsightsWork data are fully secure facilities protected by 24/7 surveillance and controlled physical access protocols.

Data Safety & Security

All data is fully encrypted during all stages of its lifecycle, whether in transit, at rest, or in the process of being eliminated, ensuring that it can only be accessed by authorized roles and services with audited access.

We have strict security standards and procedures with a view to preventing unauthorized access to your data by anyone, including our staff. We use leading technologies such as (but not limited to) data encryption, firewalls, private VPCs, and server authentication via VPNs to protect the security of your data. Our staff and third parties, whenever we hire them to provide support services, are required to observe our privacy standards and to allow us to audit them for compliance.

Roles & Permissions

The InsightsWork system is a highly customizable and allows clients to decide who has access to what and when. Administrative permissions and limitations can be assigned to select individuals or widely, depending on organizational preferences related to access to information.

Access and SSO

By leveraging existing organizational security elements, like established SSO processes, InsightsWork ensures that access to data and information is protected. Every user is verified using SSO before access is granted to InsightsWork.

Data Maintenance

InsightWork establishes clear data deletion and maintenance expectations and guidelines with each client. All client data can be deleted across systems with ease and efficiency.

Privacy Protection

InsightsWork is fully committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and users. We offer an extensive privacy policy, available for review upon request.

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